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What is life coaching?

A life coach is someone who guides you through your life challenges to reach your ultimate goals.  

Choose from short term to long term goals to customize your coaching process.

Do you need help finding your dream life?

Do you need help finding your true self?

Do you need help being held accountable to get to where you want to be in a time frame?

Do you need a light shined on something you can't yet foresee?

HIRE A Professional LIFE COACH!

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Life Coaching 

Personal Growth
Life Direction

Choose Your Package Session Needs:

Discounted Packages:
4 Sessions 8 Sessions  9 Sessions  12 Sessions     $100 Each Session      60 Minutes Each

1 Free Discovery Call Up To 30 Minutes!

1 Session of 60 Minutes---$200  Discount $50 off for new clients

Call to book your $150 Start Up Call Today!  


2 Hour Focused Session--- $400 Discount %40 off new clients only

Call to book your $240


All Sessions Include--
Phone Call or In Person or Zoom

Email Support through out weeks before next session
Email with resources and follow up

Check In Motivational Text or Email

Worksheets for Homework

Typical Phases of Life Coaching:

First 4 Sessions-- Self Assessments-Self Discovery-Identify Obstacles--Make Plans

After 8 Sessions-- Gain Knowledge-Start Change-FIND your North STAR

After 9 Sessions-- Reach Clarity-Design your new self and path--Reach Clarity

After 12 Sessions-- Make habits from new techniques- Create & Take Action

On Going Support if needed!


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