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What is a crystal facial?

During a crystal facial, set of crystals that have been cleansed + charged, are used to enhance the experience + effectiveness of products. Your facial would begin with our signature facial cleansing and exfoliating.  After pore cleaning we would begin prepping you to become in a deep state of mind with aromas, guided mediation and clearing your energy field for inner healing and energy reboot.  Your skin and facial structure holds stress and toxins just like your body.  While prepping you we will prep your skin with various products and you may choose to add on a Jelly Mask to enhance vibrational field with crystals in the mask to hold them in place while your inner healing aligns with the frequencies of the pure authentic crystals.  Using various crystals for your particular needs we place crystals accordingly and assist channeling through therapist to client.  Facial is proceeded with a hydrating mask and correctives, nourishments and a hand arm neck massage.

This ultimate treatment is designed to enhance your experience and connect your skin to your nervous system and health.  You will leave relaxed like never before and a sense of completeness and wholeness. 



Crystal Facials Fort Collins Colorado


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