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What is Energy Healing?

Saturday May 20th 2023



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What is Energy Healing?

Have you ever wondered how another people can heal with energy?  This class will teach you about the human body and how to transform energy such as blocked, stagnant, dense energy that is not serving your well being.  This class dives deep into what is energy is and how you can help move the energy from the inside out.  Topics included in this class are:  subtle energy, chakras, brain and emotions, tools, channeling and much more.

What are chakras?

Have you ever wondered what Chakras are and how we can help heal them for ultimate health?   This class will teach you all about your Chakras and how you can keep your Chakras in balanced after a healing session.  Topics included in this class include: Chakras, emotions, how to heal Chakras, how to cleanse and unblock, frequency healing, color therapy, belief systems, brain health and tools to use at home.

Skin Care 101

This class will inform you on basic skin care tips and techniques.  Ingredients to look for when purchasing home products, types of skin and skin needs.  Specific skin concerns and correction methods.  Optimal skin health tips and daily steps.  Very informative class for those who take skin care as a necessity.  

Life Coaching

This class is a pre-class for life coaching sessions.  Anyone can take this class.  It helps identify what life coaching is and how it can benefit you in your life.  First class of a series in personal growth and self discovery.  What is holding you back from your dream life?  Do you know?  Lets find out!

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